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solid-ircd: Backup
The website is now backup online and E-mail Notifications have been fixed. All registered accounts have been activated.
Added by Sheik over 7 years ago

solid-ircd: Welcome
Welcome to the new solid-ircd website.
Added by Sheik almost 8 years ago

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Latest projects

  • WinTI (08/28/2011 07:03 PM)

    A Windows clone for the Texas Intruments TI92+ calculator

  • Code Peeker (08/23/2011 05:03 AM)

    Android app which displays source code files with syntax highlighting.

  • DcxStudio.net (01/17/2011 06:03 PM)

    A visual dialog editor, that allows to edit dialogs for the dcx.dll

  • SlowPoke (09/06/2010 06:46 PM)

    An app/game for Android to poke turtles!

  • OpenMMT (08/12/2010 07:57 PM)

    An open source multi-monitor taskbar desktop application for Windows 7 x64 and x86.